Youth Services



The mobilization of young people into organized groups through a formal registration system provides young people with a platform to not only effectively participate in socio-economic development of their communities but to also improve their leadership and organizational skills.

The eligible group members are to be within the prescribed age of 15-35 to be registered and adhered to the set guidelines that is provided by the Ministry. The Ministry also encourages for registration of defunct groups.

All groups registered or re-registered are required to submit to the Ministry through their Divisional Office the monthly progress of the activities and projects that they undertake. Through the reporting the youth officers are able to assess and make ground visitations in collaboration with youth workers to make further inspections and provide the groups with technical expertise or recommendations for trainings and assistance. All reports received are always acknowledged.

Youth Club Registration Requirements:
1. A minimum of 15 members is required to form and register a youth club.
2. Youth Club must have been in existence for at least 1 month
3. Youth Clubs must have had 3 consecutive meetings with Minutes of the meeting recorded.
4. More than 2/3 of the members must be youths between the ages of 15-34; those that are beyond the age limit can act as youth advisors of the club
5. Office Bearers must be youths between the ages of 15-34
6. Youth Clubs must have a signed constitution; a draft is attached in Annex 5
7. The number of youth clubs in close proximity.
8. Members are to be from the same area and not living in any other area rather than the area where the club will be based.
9. Aims and objectives of the youth club are clearly defined
10. Information supplied in the forms is to be totally genuine.
11. Registration forms are to be endorsed by the Turaga ni koro/ District rep or officer accompanied by minutes of the meeting.
12. Fully completed forms should be endorsed by Turaga ni Koro or District Officer or his representative depending on the composition of the Youth Club [village/settlement or urban based].
13. Endorsed forms are to be returned to the Divisional Youth Officer for further assessment and necessary action.