Ministry Profile

Ministry Profile

1.0 Roles and Responsibilities

The Ministry of Youth and Sports' core responsibilities are focused at facilitating youth and sports development through the establishment of a conducive policy environment that provides strategic support systems, initiatives for personal development, character building, sports policy implementation and community based youth led programs.

There are two core programmes coordinated and facilitated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Youth Development:
The programme centres on the provision of assistance to youths through advisory, empowerment and capacity building including specific skills training.

Sports Development:
The programme focuses on the development of sports and its infrastructure nationwide through the provision of grants to the Fiji National Sports Commission, National Sporting Organisations and Fiji Sports Council as well as the provision of basic sports equipment and the development of rural playing fields.

1.1 Legislations and Policies

The Ministry of Youth and Sports is guided by the following legislation and policies in its operations;

Primary Legislation:

1. Fiji Sports Council Act 1978,
2. Boxing Commission of Fiji Promulgation No.13 of 2008
3. National Sports Commission Decree 5 of 2013.

Existing Secondary Legislation:
A number of government legislations directly impact and are linked to the Ministry's functions and these are:
1. Constitution of the Republic of Fiji [2013]
2. Social Justice Act- 2001
3. Occupational Health and Safety at Work Act- 1996
4. Public Service Act 1999 and Public Service Regulations
5. National Employment Centre Decree- 2009
6. State Services Decree 2009 of the Republic of the Fiji Islands
7. Fiji Procurement Act 2010
8. Financial Administration Decree 2009
9. Financial Instruction 2005
10. Financial Management Act 2004
11. General Orders 2011
12. Terms and Conditions of Employment of G.W.E 2010


There are two main policies that guide the work of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
1. National Youth Policy
2. National Sports Policy