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"Minister of Youth and Sports Visits Naidumua Youth Club, in Kadavu.

The Minister of Youth and Sports Honorable Jese Saukuru embarked on a visit to the Naidumua Youth Club in Naidumua, located in the beautiful region of Kadavu. The purpose of the visit was to engage with the members of the youth club and have a discussion about the Ministry and its initiatives.
Upon arrival, the Minister was warmly welcomed by the members of the Naidumua Youth Club. They expressed their excitement and gratitude for the Minister's visit, as it provided them with an opportunity to showcase their projects and discuss their aspirations.
During the discussion, the Minister listened attentively to the members of the youth club as they presented their ongoing project. The youth club shared details about their initiative, highlighting its objectives, achievements, and challenges. They explained how the project aimed to empower young individuals in the community and provide them with opportunities for personal and professional growth.
Impressed by their dedication and hard work, the Minister commended the members of the Naidumua Youth Club for their efforts in making a positive impact on the lives of the youth in their community. He emphasized the importance of such initiatives and assured them of the Ministry's support and collaboration.
As part of the visit, the Minister also took the opportunity to tour the youth club's gymnasium. He observed the facilities and equipment available, acknowledging the importance of providing adequate resources for sports and physical activities. The Minister encouraged the youth club to continue utilizing the gymnasium to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among the youth.
The visit to the Naidumua Youth Club served as a valuable platform for the Minister to witness firsthand the passion and dedication of the youth in Kadavu. It also allowed the Minister to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by the youth in the region.
The Minister concluded the visit by expressing his gratitude to the members of the Naidumua Youth Club for their hospitality and their commitment to youth development. He assured them that their voices and concerns would be heard and addressed by the Ministry.
Overall, the visit to the Naidumua Youth Club was a successful and meaningful engagement, reinforcing the Ministry's commitment to empowering the youth and supporting their initiatives for positive change in their communities