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"Minister of Youth and Sports Engages in Traditional Sevusevu Ceremony with Tui Tavuki, Leading to Productive Discussion on Youth and Sports Development"

The Minister of Youth and Sports Honorable Jese Saukuru , along with his delegation, paid a visit to Tui Tavuki, the traditional leader of the village, and presented their sevusevu as a sign of respect and gratitude. After the formalities, they proceeded to the Tikina of Tavuki village, where they engaged in a discussion with the villagers.
The main focus of the discussion was centered around the Ministry of Youth and Sports and its two primary objectives, which are youth development and sports development. The Minister and his delegation were keen on understanding the needs and aspirations of the villagers in these areas.
During the discussion, the Minister emphasized the importance of investing in youth development, as they are the future leaders of the nation. He highlighted various programs and initiatives that the Ministry has undertaken to empower and support the youth, such as skills training, entrepreneurship programs, and educational scholarships.
Minister Saukuru discussed the significance of sports development as a means to foster unity, promote a healthy lifestyle, and enhance national pride. He shared the Ministry's efforts in promoting various sports activities, organizing competitions, and providing necessary infrastructure and resources to athletes.
The villagers actively participated in the discussion, sharing their experiences, challenges, and suggestions for improving youth and sports development in their community. They expressed their appreciation for the Ministry's initiatives and highlighted the need for more resources, facilities, and opportunities for the youth to excel in sports and other areas.
The Minister and his delegation took note of the villagers' concerns and assured them of their commitment to addressing these issues. They also encouraged the villagers to actively engage with the Ministry and provide feedback and suggestions for further improvement.
The visit and discussion served as a platform for the Minister and his delegation to connect with the villagers, understand their needs, and reaffirm the Ministry's dedication to youth and sports development.