Press Releases


The Ministry of Youth and Sports, under the leadership of Minister Jese Saukuru, is pleased to announce the donation of tennis equipment to the Fiji Tennis Association. This contribution aims to support and enhance the association's efforts in promoting and developing tennis in Fiji.
Tennis is a sport that not only promotes physical fitness but also instills discipline, teamwork, and a competitive spirit among its participants. Recognizing the importance of sports in the holistic development of our youth, the Ministry of Youth is dedicated to providing opportunities and resources that nurture their potential.
The Fiji Tennis Association has been at the forefront of promoting tennis at both grassroots and professional levels. Their commitment to nurturing young talent, organizing tournaments, and providing training opportunities has made a significant impact on the tennis community in Fiji.
In line with our commitment to fostering sports development, the Ministry of Youth is delighted to contribute tennis equipment to the Fiji Tennis Association. This donation includes tennis rackets, balls, nets, and other essential accessories that will assist the association in organizing training programs and tournaments.
The Minister of Youth and Sports Honorable Jese Saukuru expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, stating, "We firmly believe that investing in sports is investing in the future of our youth. By providing the necessary resources to the Fiji Tennis Association, we are confident that we can contribute towards the growth and success of their association. This donation aims to inspire young tennis players, create opportunities for skill development, and foster a culture of sportsmanship in our country."
The Ministry of Youth remains committed to supporting sports initiatives and empowering our youth through various programs. This donation to the Fiji Tennis Association is just one of the many steps taken to promote sports and provide opportunities for talented athletes across Fiji.
The Ministry of Youth would like to express its gratitude to the Fiji Tennis Association for their dedication to the sport and their tireless efforts in promoting tennis in Fiji. Together, we aim to create a brighter future for tennis and sports in our nation.