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Latest Updates/News 

1. #MEASLES ADVISORY - Special Media Release from the Fiji National Sports Commission [Read More..]



About the Ministry...

The Ministry was formally established in February 2012 and develops and implements policies and programs targeted at empowering young people and enabling them to reach their full potential by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to enable them to be self-sufficient and develop income-earning opportunities that are viable, sustainable and satisfying. The Ministry also has a key role in developing sporting infrastructure and creating a vibrant and highly competitive sports industry in Fiji to engender national pride and benefit the Fijian economy. In order to do this, the Ministry works with the National Youth Policy (http://www.youth.gov.fj/index.php/policies/policies-2 and the National Sports Policy (http://www.youth.gov.fj/index.php/policies/policies-3). The Ministry does this by creating a supportive policy environment which provides:

• Leadership, policy advice and secretariat support
• Youth advice and advocacy
• Training and empowerment for improved livelihoods
• Youth social innovations
• Sports development

The Ministry as four Divisional Offices for Central and Eastern (Suva), Western (Lautoka) and Northern (Labasa). These offices work closely with youth and sports organisations as follows:


• Support the National Youth Council
• Youth registration services
• Assist identified SME and Community based projects
• Provide training for “Seeds of Success”
• Provide specific identified skills and vocational training
• Manage the Duke of Edinburgh International Award
• Implement mentoring programmes
• Implement “the Dynamic Youth Training” Programme
• Administer the voluntary Youth training grant
•Manage five Youth Training Centres which organise training in:

• Agriculture
• Carpentry and building/construction
• Managing a model farm including organically
• Establishing young farmers
• The National Youth Band


• Develop and review policies to promote and develop sport
• Facilitate the development and maintenance of rural sports facilities
• Support active participation by all citizens in recreation and leisure activities to encourage a healthy and life-long lifestyle
• Support stakeholders in delivering sports development youth programmes
• Support the Fiji National Sports Commission (programmes), Fiji Sports Council (facilities), Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee, Fiji  Paralympic Committee and the Boxing Commission of Fiji