Tailevu on 01 February 2019 at 08.00 p.m.

• Respected Guests
• Members of the Northland Tailevu Football Association
• Ladies and Gentlemen
Ni sa bula vinaka, Namaste, Salam Aleikum and Good Evening to you all.

It is wonderful to be here this evening to be part of this event and I extend my appreciation for the invitation to be here.

It is nights such as this that gives an incentive for players and officials alike to step up their performances, year in year out, and I wish to thank the organisers for seeing it fit that we should organise such event as it shows our belief in our team and the value of our players.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sixty Two years ago in 1957, the then Principal of Tailevu North College, the late Mr Parma Nand Sharma saw it fitting to form an association to cater for the interest of football enthusiasts for Tailevu North.

From then on, the association has progressed in leaps and bounds.

I am told that apart from the senior team there are five other teams representing the association in the six divisions of the Fiji Football Association competition and this is something that you should be proud of. The youth team I also understand finished third in the national competition which is quite an achievement as both the men and women teams attained this position.

I am optimistic that your targets for this year will be realised given the achievement of your youths.

On that note I wish to share with you all the importance of good governance in sports. Good governance in sports is a foundation for building sports excellence in any country.

It is imperative that office bearers and affiliates of the Northland Tailevu Football Association uphold its principles of accountability, transparency and equity for the good conduct of the association and its impending plans. I call on each of you to work together for the fulfilment of your combined aspirations as an association.

I see this as a driving force behind the success of any sporting organisation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, promotes values and social cohesion through national sports development. Sporting tournament helps bring about a healthy, vibrant and physically active nation and promote health and wellness through partnership- based programs.

Tonight we present the jersey for the association’s senior team. The team that will fly the flag of Northland Tailevu in the coming season.

This evening I see a lot of rising stars sitting here and I encourage you to keep on striving for the best.

Remember ‘Practice does not make perfect’. If the old saying were true, there'd be thousands of perfect football stars out there.

Its “deliberate practice” that allows you to steadily progress with whatever skills you're looking to improve. "Deliberate practice" is one of the key differences between the most successful sports persons and the average ones. You have gone past that and are deliberately prepared now for the upcoming season.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Government regards Sports as a multi tool; it is a career; it keep you fit; it brings us teamwork; discipline; integrity; leadership; will to win; make a healthy nations; and keep you away from Non Communicable Diseases [NCD’s].

I am pleased that football in your district has been making steadfast progress and I sincerely acknowledge the efforts of the Northland Tailevu Football Association in the promotion and creating awareness on the sport.

Ladies and Gentlemen, before I conclude I encourage you all to behave in a way which brings pride to Northland Tailevu; be humble in both victory and defeat.

As Nelson Mandela said: “Do not judge me by my successes; judge me by how many times I fell and got back up again”.

Each time you get up again, analyse and apply the lessons learned to your preparation so that you improve and continue to challenge your fellow athletes.

Remember to play fair and to play true. Taking prohibited substances is not only cheating but is bad for your health. We respect the loser who lost on his or her merits more than an athlete who won by cheating.

I look forward to watching you this season and in presenting your jerseys also convey the well wishes of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to the association for a successful season.
Vinaka vakalevu, Dhanyevaad, Shokran and thank you all!