Address at Closing of Army Wives and Mothers Club on Friday 9 November at 3.00p.m at the National Netball Centre - SUVA

• The Commander Republic of Fiji Military Forces
• Senior Officers
• The President of the Army Wives and Mothers Club
• Army Wives and Mothers
• Ladies and gentlemen
• Families and friends

Bula Vinaka, Namaste, Salaam Aleikum and a very Good Afternoon to you all

Thank you for the invitation to be a part of today’s sports day for the RFMF Wives and Mother’s Club.

I am delighted to be here this afternoon to witness you coming out in numbers to take part in this annual event. Apart from contributing to your health and wellbeing, this event is also an occasion to select your teams that will fly the RFMF flag during the Sukuna Bowl competitions later this month.

I commend the organisers for a well-planned tournament which contributes even more to your health, with other associated benefits. The Government emphasised on Good Governance to Sports Administrator, it always good to see positive results and outcomes during competition such as these, and bigger championships you will be involved in.

Participation in physical activity and sport has been effective for reducing depression, anxiety, psychological distress and emotional disturbance and I believe you are all aware of that as Army wives and mothers.

Exercise has well documented benefits to both physical and mental health. People, through sports, enjoy great fulfilment, which is at least as important as any economic ‘imperatives’.

Tournaments, such the one you were in for the last 3 days, serve as a crucial way for players to relax, unwind, bond, and recharge.

It is important Ladies that you bond as a team and face your opponents as one.

Your selection for the Sukuna Bowl Tournament means that your comrades have faith in you to carry the fight, to your opponents in ‘blue’.

I am confident that the support of your partners and families will be abundant during the Sukuna championship.

As RFMF wives and mothers, your contribution to the military forces is often unseen as you are always in the background carrying out your daily tasks and activities silently. However, your contribution is invaluable and appreciated even though not always acknowledged.

Life as a military partner is not for everyone. The strains of military life mean you are prone to anxiety, relationship difficulties, stress, and issues with children.

Sports and physical exercise help alleviate this. Sport is not just a simple game, it is much more than that. It symbolises a dream to an individual, and to a team.

Sport signifies renewal, as well as change. It brings people together as athletes and spectators; it promotes nation building, encourages life-long participation in physical activity and a healthy lifestyle for all.

As Army wives and mothers I know that you are resilient. You must be proud of your institution and I am sure your being here for the last three days is testament to your commitment and pride in the military.
To those of you who are selected today, when you take part in the Sukuna Championship, be assured of the support of your husbands, daughters and sons in the RFMF.
Play as one and uphold the winning ways of the RFMF. Play hard but fair. Set your goals high and do not stop till you reach there. Continuous effort is the key to unlocking your potential.

I also pay tribute to your colleagues who will be supporting you and cheering from the sideline. Their support, as we have seen over the years, will also contribute to your performance and being a retired Army Officer, I can vouch on that with confidence.

I wish to leave you with a message of hope. I have seen the huge potential that lies in the RFMF Wives and Mothers Club, and believe that you can set the benchmark and be role models for all women across the country. You have the qualities and the character to deliver on the day and I would like to reiterate that you have our support for your development as future sportswomen.

Remember as the Ministry of Youth and Sports we are ready to render assistance to the great work you have been doing, however it becomes your duty to provide viable and concrete ideas and submissions.

I also encourage you to continue to live an active lifestyle and do not let your annual sports meet to be a one off event to participate in sporting activity. I call on each of you to live and practice physical wellness in your daily routines to curb the ever increasing incidence of non-communicable diseases.

To conclude, I know you have thoroughly enjoyed the last three days and I hope that you have strengthened your bond as RFMF Wives and Mothers.

I also wish you the best in the Sukuna Bowl Competition and may the Green and Red flag of the RFMF fly high at the end of the competition.

With those few words, I now have much pleasure in closing your annual sports tournament.

Sa Vinaka vakalevu.