A. Program Purpose

The Ship for World Youth Leaders [SWYL] is a unique International cultural exchange youth program organized and funded by the Government of Japan.

The SWYL program aims to develop the ability to deal with different cultures and the communication skills and to improve leadership and management skills through the discussion and cultural exchange with those from various countries and various backgrounds, and by listening to the seminars by experts and planning activities and holding workshops by themselves, to deepen the mutual understanding, and furthermore, to broaden global views as well as to strengthen their spirit of international cooperation, and as a result, cultivate youth who are capable of contributing to society by exercising their leadership skills in various fields in the globalizing and diversifying society, and moreover to establish a strong human network beyond national borders.

The Program will bring together around 242 youth delegates from 11 countries. Most of the program is conducted onboard the cruise liner Nippon Maru with some of the activities scheduled in Japan and others in the two seaports that will be visited in the course of the voyage.

B. Program Dates

17th January to 3rd March 2017

C. Program Invitation

Government of Fiji has been invited to send a 12 member delegation to participate in the SWYL Program. An invitation has also been extended to the Government to host a Port of Call program for Participating Youths who will be visiting Fiji from 17th to 20th February 2017.

D. Participating Countries

The participating countries include:

Costa Rica;
New Zealand;
Tonga; and