More than forty youths from seven communities in the Tamavua area this week took part in the second ‘Training of the Trainers’ workshop organised by the Fiji National Sports Commission.
Held at Tacirua Primary School the workshop is part of a series of zonal workshops conducted by the commissions around the country as part of its programme to up skill coaches and sports administrators.
Speaking to participants during the closing of the workshop, Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports Honourable Alipate Nagata said the zonal workshops in the long term will create a more informed and enabled sporting coaches and administrators across the country.
“Government recognises the importance of a well-managed sporting community and more importantly a healthy and physically enabled nation and these zonal workshop is part of our long term commitment for enabled sporting coaches and administrators across the country,” Hon. Nagata said.
“In committing to this important programme, the Fiji National Sports Commission has been tasked to facilitate sports outreach programs and it is very pleasing to see such programs being delivered to young Fijians in their various settings,” the Minister adds. “More importantly I am optimistic that this series of programme by the Fiji National Sports Commission is having a positive impact on your lives and in your respective communities.”
Hon. Nagata further stressed the importance of commitment as coaches, administrators and players. The role of a coach, Hon. Nagata said plays a fundamental role in the make-up of each team and requires great responsibility.
“It is a great responsibility and you will need the support of more than one person to help lead your team and this is where sport administrators play an equally responsible role. All in all both roles of coach and sports administrators including the players calls for commitment. Commitment to your responsibility and commitment to your team,” said Hon. Nagata.
“I sincerely hope that the last few days in this workshop has strengthened the knowledge you have already acquired in the first Train the Trainer workshop you have already attended and has imparted within you innovative goals to work towards in your respective fields,” he further adds.
Hon Nagata further urged participants to create an environment where people feel free to participate in any sporting activities, stay actively fit and healthy and at the same time be recognised for their efforts in the sporting arena.